Our youth are an integral part of our church family and as such each quarter Sunday Service is lead by our youth under the guidance of our Youth Ministry Team Leaders.

Meeting once a week during Sunday School, our youth engage in learning about the gospel and how it pertains to life today. While God is a focus, this time is as much about spirituality as it is about fun and fellowship.

Our Young Adults Ministry serves those between the ages of 18-29 who are seeking purpose, community, and discipleship. They are a diverse group of individuals pursuing the life God designed for them, regardless if they are single, married, working, in college, etc., there is a place for them here!  Their goals is to develop relationships with peers who share similar values and beliefs that nurture and strengthen their faith.

Finding a place for spiritual growth and a place to build relationships can be difficult. Our Men's Ministry, or our "Brotherhood", is a perfect place for men from all walks in life to gather and build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God and each other. 

Through the power of faith and service we give back to those in need.  To date, we have been blessed to serve a healthy meal to over 31,300 adults and children.  Along with this we have distributed over 8,000 articles of clothing, shoes and 1,300 bookbags throughout our community.

We have also been blessed to be about to assisted over 580 families with groceries and overnight lodging, as necessary. 


Faith stretches beyond borders, bridges gaps, and breaks down boundaries; faith is in essence a unifier. At Glory of God Christian Ministries, faith in God and faith in each other are the cornerstones for our ministry. It is what strengthens our commitment to the community, our neighbors and our country.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to help support any, or all, of our auxiliary ministries you can do so via
CashApp at $2490GOGCM.  Thank you for your support.